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Welcome to misaki_sales

All of my items listed come from a smoke free home and condition as is listed.

I only accept Paypal, if you pay with CC Paypal, you will have to add on a little extra money to cover the charge.

UPDATE 1/14: If you are interested in anything from now until Friday, 1/18, I can put the item on hold for you. Most of the items for sale are not here with me at school, but my parents are coming by and they can bring items from home if needed. Trading cards are with me though, so those can be mailed immediately.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at misakichii54@gmail.com or leave a comment.




Please leave me some feedback on how everything went!

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I also have feedback at eBay as misaki_chii.


Here's some of the items I'd really like and can be offered for trades :D

W Juliet 14.
I had this book....but I have no idea in the past year and a half where it went. And what really sucks is that I never even got to read the whole thing, so I have no idea how the story ended XD

Japanese Luna P
I think it would go cute with a Chibiusa/Chibimoon Cosplay I would like to do.

Chibimoon Wand
Doesn't need to be brand new at all, I'd like it to go with a Chibimoon cosplay that I would like to do.

I'm sure I'll find other things XD



Here are items that I've listed on Ebay

None right now.


Newtype and Magazines - UPDATED 5/25

Newtype and Magazines
Magazines come AS IS. They MAY NOT have all of the original posters and inserts. They are in good condition, some corners may be bent on some magazines not all.

Newtype and MagazinesCollapse )

Manga - UPDATED 5/25


All manga $4 each + Shipping
They're all never read or only read once and in excellent condition!

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Figures - UPDATED 6/27

Here's a few figures I've decided to sell
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